PD Lankovsky has written 15 screenplays and TV pilot with production bible.  Five scripts reached Nicholl, Austin and Slamdance quarterfinal or Top 10%, and one script optioned at a major studio.  Genres range from family to psychological thrillers in live-action or animation.

He has worked with studio and indie directors and producers as script supervisor, script reader, storyboard artist, one-sheet artist, set model designer, and has consulted with production companies on location scouting and character development. 

           MGM/UA project manager for legal, marketing, film and TV production departments
            Los Angeles Times director, creative services
           LAT and Copley News syndicated cartoonist

PD is looking for an established producer or production company where his industry experience would blend into a team environment from development to final product. 

PDF, PPS and JPG material available.

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