Cuervo the Pelican

GIFCrafty kleptomaniac bird and an orphan boy wreak havoc on a small seaport town.

Disney meets Steinbeck in this family yarn of orphan boy ENRIQUE, who rescues a baby pelican tangled in a fishing net.  He calls his new pet CUERVO, because like a crow, the crafty pelican steals shiny things – like the forbidden coins in the town fountain.  So Enrique teaches Cuervo to dive for tourist coins tossed from the dock instead.  Counting his blessings by the handful, Enrique runs into and falls for local flower girl ROSA.

Enrique’s uncles, struggling fishermen JUAN and HECTOR PACHECO, are stunned at seeing Enrique's fortune in tourist coins.  But good luck and fortune go south when Cuervo swipes a policeman’s badge, a priest’s crucifix and the night watchman’s keys.  Now Rosa is very upset with Enrique and his thieving bird.

When Enrique returns the loot at a town meeting, the MAYOR and SGT. GARCIA decide Cuervo can earn as much as Juan and Hector catches fishing in 24 hours.  But the angry TOWN VENDORS chase Cuervo away.  The poor bird flies off – even Enrique can't find him.  Now Rosa refuses to talk to Enrique.

The odds are against the Pacheco brothers until Cuervo and pelican friends arrive to catch a boatload of fish.  The town celebrates their victory until vengeful Cuervo steals a diamond bracelet from MRS. ASTOR-WOLCOTT, a wealthy widow vacationing on her yacht.  Now Rosa avoids Enrique on the dock.

Enrique and his uncles will go to jail if he can't find the bracelet or worse – Rosa will never talk to him again.

The Hive

GIFOn-the lam couple get trapped in a farmhouse with an insane biologist's honey of a deadly secret.

We open to a Southwest (or Canadian province) farmhouse owned by HANK and his wife BESSIE, where the serenity of their busily-productive hybrid bees is shattered by our protagonists, DARREN and CHANDRA, after they take the wrong turn off a highway outside Ballard, and inadvertently unleash a chain reaction of total devastation.

A giant swarm of angry bees chase Darren and Chandra down a dirt road to Hank’s farmhouse, and trap them inside with Hank’s son and Ballard’s local biologist, BLAKE, and his pregnant wife, ALLISON, who’s hyper-allergic to bee stings.

Hours crawl by from dawn to dusk while temperatures soar and tempers flare inside Hank’s sweltering desert farmhouse before the water and electricity are cut off by the bees waiting to devour them in the farmhouse yard.

Darren and Chandra discover what makes Hank’s hybrid honey so special – and that the horror threatening them outside isn’t as deadly as the shocking secrets the schizoid-paranoid Blake reveals about the hive.

Juan de Fuca Strait

GIFBored Canadian teen sisters challenge a ghostly legend on their parents' isolated fish camp.

Terse sibling rivalry boils over in this edgy drama of Canadian tour guide sisters on their parents’ isolated island fish camp near Juan de Fuca Strait.  RHONDA  dreams of being a New York fashion model while MICKEY is comfortable with her hum-drum island lifestyle.

But when a drunken client fondles Mickey, Rhonda sardonically welcomes her to the club – bad-girl Rhonda has sex with clients and hides the money to leave the island.  Rhonda finally scores big in a client game of strip poker, but embittered mother NARA takes takes it all away for the fish camp.  The girls’ father STODDARD intervenes but he’s a drug-trafficking parolee with little influence over Nara’s family decisions.

Their lifestyle is rocked when Harvard brat JORDAN arrives with Silicon Valley mogul father FRANK McGUIRE.  Vying for Jordan’s affection, the sisters challenge each other to an island legend by diving off a 50-foot cliff – a lethal game if the legendary ghost of an Indian woman appears before they dive into the Strait’s frigid water.  Rhonda dares first – and fractures her neck on the treacherous rocks below.

While Rhonda recovers in Vancouver, Mickey and Jordan fall in love.  Local boy COTTY grows jealous of Jordan and Rhonda feels her New York dreams Jordan promised her are over.  When Mickey finds a cache of heroin near the 50-foot cliff, Stoddard suspects Frank, who initiates a deadly plot to silence Stoddard that inadvertently kills Jordan instead.  Mickey is crushed, but Rhonda convinces her there’s a better life beyond the island.

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